Take a PMP Mock Exam

The PMP Mock Exam allows you to review all the material and test your overall understanding of PMP exam questions. Getting familiar with the feel and experience of a big PMP exam in advance of an exam will minimize your real exam mistakes. Being better prepared for the test experience will allow you to perform better the day of your test.
So, try to answer all the 200 questions of the Mock Exam and pass it in 4 hours.

NOTE: You cannot simply practice answering questions to prepare for PMP exam. The questions are provided to help you assess your knowledge and to get you familiar with the types of questions that are on the exam. Make sure you focus your study efforts on reading PMBOK and other books, watching videos, passing mock exams, review your Knowledge Map, and filling gaps in your project management knowledge.

Help your mates to become PMPs!

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You have already answered many questions of the Knowledge Map and get used to them. But these are not exactly the same questions that will be on the real PMP exam. Therefore, alternative questionnaires allow you to evaluate your knowledge from different points of view.

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