Participation in Training and Expedition


You will get access to all materials and records of the training, will participate in the discussion and elaboration of the project elements and will participate in the expedition.

The certificate of the expedition participant will be issued at the end of the training.



Training with immersion to the Project Management

This training is a great chance to take part in a real project to prepare and conduct an expedition. An effective way to gain knowledge and improve project management skills. In this training project, you will encounter all the difficulties that the project management team faces in their actual work, and our coaches will teach you how to cope with these difficulties.

Together with other participants, you will create a project charter, plan the management structure, develop a schedule for the expedition preparation, analyze the purchases and costs, calculate the risks and create a road map for the expedition.

The culmination of the training will be a real expedition.

After the expedition, the lessons of the project experience will be summarized, combining the theoretical knowledge of project management, practical workshops on expedition planning and the actual execution of the project.


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