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The Program Executing Phase of the program life cycle includes the following tasks:

  1. Charter and initiate constituent projects by assigning project managers and allocating appropriate resources in order to achieve program objectives.
  2. Establish consistency by deploying uniform standards, resources, infrastructure, tools, and processes in order to enable informed program decision making.
  3. Establish a communication feedback process in order to capture lessons learned and the team’s experiences throughout the program.
  4. Lead human resource functions by training, coaching, mentoring, and recognizing the team in order to improve team engagement and achieve commitment to the program’s goals.
  5. Review project managers’ performance in executing the project in accordance with the project plan in order to maximize their contribution to achieving program goals.
  6. Execute the appropriate program management plans (for example, quality, risk, communication, resourcing) using the tools identified in the planning phase and by auditing the results in order to ensure the program outcomes meet stakeholder expectations and standards.
  7. Consolidate project and program data using predefined program plan reporting tools and methods in order to monitor and control the program performance and communicate to stakeholders.
  8. Evaluate the program’s status in order to monitor and control the program while maintaining current program information.
  9. Approve closure of constituent projects upon completion of defined deliverables in order to ensure scope is compliant with the functional overview.

To learn the Portfolio Executing you need:

  1. Read Section 7.1.3 ‘Program Delivery Phase’ and Section 8.2 ‘Program Delivery Phase Activities’ of the Standard for Program Management, 4th Edition. In section 8.2, especially pay attention to 8.2.2-8.2.5 and 8.2.7.
  2. Test your knowledge to complete the Executing Stage study.

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