Learn About Stakeholder Management

Program Stakeholder Engagement is the performance domain that identifies and analyzes stakeholder needs and manages expectations and communications to foster stakeholder support.

The Stakeholder Management domain includes the following tasks:

  1. Identify stakeholders, including sponsors, and create the stakeholder matrix in order to document their position relative to the program.
  2. Perform stakeholder analysis through historical analysis, personal experience, interviews, knowledge base, review of formal agreements (for example, request for proposal (RFP), request for information (RFI), contracts), and input from other sources in order to create the stakeholder management plan.
  3. Negotiate the support of stakeholders, including sponsors, for the program while setting clear expectations and acceptance criteria (for example, KPIs) for the program benefits in order to achieve and maintain their alignment to the program objectives.
  4. Generate and maintain visibility for the program and confirm stakeholder support in order to achieve the program’s strategic objectives.
  5. Define and maintain communications adapted to different stakeholders, including sponsors, in order to ensure their support for the program.
  6. Evaluate risks identified by stakeholders, including sponsors, and incorporate them in the program risk management plan, as necessary.
  7. Develop and foster relationships with stakeholders, including sponsors, in order to improve communication and enhance their support for the program.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Program Stakeholder Management, consider the following steps:

  1. Review the Domain 4 ‘Stakeholder Management’ section in the PgMP Examination Content Outline.
  2. Dive into Chapter 5, titled ‘Program Stakeholder Engagement,’ within the Standard for Program Management.
  3. Enhance your knowledge by purchasing any book focused on PfMP preparation and reading the chapter specifically dedicated to Stakeholder Management.
  4. Explore instructional videos on this topic:

5. Test your knowledge to complete the Stakeholder Management domain study.

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