Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies

Domain 2: Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies – 17% of all required knowledge for successful CAPM certification.

This domain delves into the world of predictive, plan-based project management methodologies. It focuses on understanding when and how to apply these approaches, which are particularly suitable for certain organizational structures and projects.

Task 1: Suitability of Predictive Approach

Task 1 explores the appropriateness of using a predictive, plan-based approach in different project scenarios. You identify organizational structures, such as virtual, colocation, matrix structure, and hierarchical setups, and determine their compatibility with this approach. Understanding the activities within each process is crucial, along with recognizing typical examples of these activities. Additionally, you distinguish between various project components to gain clarity on their unique characteristics.

Task 2: Project Management Plan Schedule

This task concentrates on comprehending and managing project schedules in predictive, plan-based projects. You apply critical path methods to identify the most critical activities and calculate schedule variance to track progress against the plan. Understanding work breakdown structures (WBS) and work packages helps in organizing project tasks effectively. Furthermore, you apply quality management and integration management plans to ensure seamless execution.

Task 3: Documenting Project Controls

Task 3 focuses on the documentation of project controls in predictive, plan-based projects. You identify the artifacts commonly used in such projects to monitor and control progress. Calculating cost and schedule variances helps in assessing project performance and making necessary adjustments.

Overall, Domain 2 provides a comprehensive understanding of predictive, plan-based project management methodologies. It covers the suitability of these approaches for different organizational structures, project scheduling techniques, and the documentation of project controls. Mastery of this domain equips project managers to effectively plan, execute, and control projects in environments where a predictive approach is appropriate.