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The KnowledgeMap is your guide to professional certification

If you don't know where to start preparing for certification.
You lose focus on achieving the desired goal.
Have been studying for a long time, but feel no progress.
Were trained for certification, but not sure of your own knowledge.

We are ready to help you.

Learn more about KnowledgeMap

Take the preliminary test, find out your level of knowledge!

Learn more about KnowledgeMap

How does it work?

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Build your own KnowledgeMap. It helps you spot knowledge gaps, tracks your exam readiness and improves your learning.

Every day spent studying the material will be reflected in intermediate testing and spur on further progress in training.

Take the preliminary test, find out your level of knowledge!

Preparation Schedule

Create your own preparation schedule tied to real calendar dates. It will guide you through the entire certification process - training, application, and practice tests.

Moreover, you will see the forecast date of the certification exam based on your current level of knowledge.

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Preparation Schedule

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Take the preliminary test, find out your level of knowledge!

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The KnowledgeMap has trained more than 30 specialists who have successfully passed the certification exam.