PSM I preparation Run-In

Now it’s time to consolidate your knowledge by reviewing what you’ve learned and passing mock PSM 1 exam (the next task in your schedule)!

NOTE: You cannot simply practice answering questions to prepare for the PSM 1 exam. The questions are provided to help you assess your knowledge and to get you familiar with the types of questions that are on the exam. Make sure you focus your study efforts on reading Guides of and other books, watching videos, passing mock exams, review your Knowledge Map, and filling gaps in your knowledge of agile/Scrum principles and techniques.

It’s time to register at after you successfully passed the PSM1 mock exam. Your certificate and badge will appear in your personal account at so make sure you use your personal (not corporate) email and try not to forget the password 🙂

Buy PSM I assessment password and start the exam. KnowledgeMap wishes you the best of luck on your further journey as a Professional Certified Scrum Master!

And don’t forget that it’s much easier to prepare for the next step of PSM II assessment using your previous PSM knowledge map since you will just need to feel some gaps not covered in PSM 1 knowledge areas and you are good to go!

We will be happy to see you back for your PSM II certification preparation!

Best of luck!

Eugene Musiienko,

Co-founder of Knowledgemap