PMP preparation Gantt Chart

The KnowledgeMap™ is a unique tool that efficient in both preliminary and final student’s examination, as well as for self-preparation for the PMP certifications. In strict compliance with PMBOK the whole PM’s knowledge base is decomposed into five process groups and ten knowledge areas. The system keeps all the test results. While each question is Read more about PMP preparation Gantt Chart[…]

The Process Groups are learned

Excellent! Hard work has been done, all the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups have been studied and checked by passing exams. If you still have difficulties in training, uncertainty, feel gaps in your knowledge, have unsolved questions, you can again consider our proposal for mentoring. But now our offer will be even more discounted. Please, contact us Read more about The Process Groups are learned[…]

Read the PMP Exam Outline

The PMP examination is a vital part of the activities leading to earning a professional credential, thus it is imperative that the PMP examination reflect accurately the practices of the project management practitioner. All the questions on the examination have been written and extensively reviewed by qualified PMP credential holders and tracked to at least two academic references. Read more about Read the PMP Exam Outline[…]

Learning the Process Groups

Project management processes are grouped in five Project Management Process Groups: Initiating Process Group Planning Process Group Executing Process Group Monitoring and Controlling Process Group Closing Process Group These Process Groups are independent of the application areas, (such as marketing, information services, or accounting) or industry focus (such as construction, aerospace, telecommunications). Individual processes in the Process Groups Read more about Learning the Process Groups[…]

The Knowledge Areas are learned

Excellent! Hard work has been done; all the Knowledge Areas have been studied and checked by passing exams. Now it is time to look at your knowledge in another dimension – begin to pass tasks on the Process Groups. If you still have difficulties in training, uncertainty, feel gaps in your knowledge, have unsolved questions, Read more about The Knowledge Areas are learned[…]

Learning the Knowledge Areas

The Project Management Knowledge Areas are fields or areas of specialization that are commonly employed when managing projects. A Knowledge Area is a set of processes associated with a particular topic in project management. These 10 Knowledge Areas are used on most projects most of the time. The needs of a specific project may require additional Knowledge Areas. Read more about Learning the Knowledge Areas[…]

Audit Process

The submission of an application indicates your agreement to comply with the terms of the Audit Process. All applications are subject to an audit, although only a percentage of applications are selected for audit. The selection of an application for audit is random. PMI conducts application audits to confirm the experience and/or education documented on certification Read more about Audit Process[…]