Learn Communications Management

The Communications Management domain includes activities related to: continuously communicating with stakeholders; understanding their needs and expectations; addressing issues as they occur; managing conflicting interests; and fostering appropriate stakeholder engagement in portfolio decisions and activities. To learn the Communications Management you need: Read the Domain 5 ‘Portfolio Communication Management’ in the PfMP Examination Content Outline. Read more about Learn Communications Management[…]

Learn Portfolio Risk Management

Portfolio Risk Management includes activities related to the balancing and management of portfolio risk consistent with the risk appetite of the organization and facilitates decision making. To learn the Portfolio Initiation you need: Read the Domain 4 ‘Portfolio Risk Management’ in the PfMP Examination Content Outline. Buy any book on PfMP preparation and read the Read more about Learn Portfolio Risk Management[…]

Learn Portfolio Performance

The Portfolio Performance domain includes the activities required for: managing the portfolio using the portfolio processes as defined by the governance model; continuously monitoring and evaluating the performance of the consolidated portfolio components in order to balance the portfolio; and reporting on progress towards the achievement of strategic objectives. To learn the Portfolio Initiation you Read more about Learn Portfolio Performance[…]

Learn Governance

The Governance domain includes activities related to establishing the governance model, developing the portfolio management plan, and approving the portfolio. Tasks in the Governance domain ensure that portfolio components are authorized and processes and procedures are developed and continuously improved. To learn the Portfolio Initiation you need: Read the Domain 2 ‘Governance’ in the PfMP Read more about Learn Governance[…]

Learn Strategic Alignment

The Strategic Alignment domain includes the continuous activities necessary for aligning portfolio components (programs, projects, and operations) with organizational strategic objectives, goals, and priorities. Portfolio strategic alignment also involves recommending portfolio scenarios and related components to create an initial high-level portfolio roadmap. To learn the Strategic Alignment you need: Read the Domain 1 ‘Strategic Alignment’ Read more about Learn Strategic Alignment[…]

Read PfMP Exam Outline

The PfMP examination is a vital part of the activities leading to earning a professional credential, thus it is imperative that the PfMP examination reflect accurately the practices of the portfolio management professional. All the questions on the examination have been written and extensively reviewed by qualified portfolio management professionals and are supported by current Read more about Read PfMP Exam Outline[…]

Learning PfMP Domains

The PfMP Examination Content Outline consists of several Domains: Strategic Alignment Governance Portfolio Performance Portfolio Risk Management Communications Management NOTE: You cannot simply practice answering questions to prepare for the PfMP exam. The questions are provided to help you assess your knowledge and to get you familiar with the types of questions that are on the Read more about Learning PfMP Domains[…]

The Life Cycle of Portfolio is learned

Excellent! The hard work has been done; all the life cycle stages have been studied and checked by passing exams. Now it is time to look at your knowledge in another dimension – begin to fulfill tasks on the PfMP Domains. If you still have difficulties in training, uncertainty, feel gaps in your knowledge, have Read more about The Life Cycle of Portfolio is learned[…]