Take CAPM PM Fundamentals and Core Concepts Domain Mock Exam

This Mock Exam allows you to review all the material and test your overall understanding of the CAPM Domain 1 ‘Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts’ exam questions.

ADVICE: Switch to Test Mode in your settings. In this mode, questions are not repeated, time is limited, answers will be shown only at the end of the test, comments and references are hidden. It helps you to prepare for the real test experience and will allow you to perform better on the day of your test.

To refresh your knowledge of the Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts Domain you need to review all the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition.

After that test your knowledge to complete the study of the task.

Help your mates to become CAPM!

You have already answered many questions of the Knowledge Map and get used to them. But these are not exactly the same questions that will be on the real CAPM exam. Therefore, alternative questionnaires allow you to evaluate your knowledge from different points of view.

Leave your comment below if you know of alternative Mock Exams.

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