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Program Benefits Management is the performance domain that defines, creates, maximizes, and delivers the benefits provided by the program.

The Benefits Management domain includes the following tasks:

  1. Develop the benefits realization plan and its measurement criteria in order to set the baseline for the program and communicate to stakeholders, including sponsors.
  2. Identify and capture synergies and efficiencies identified throughout the program life cycle in order to update and communicate the benefits realization plan to stakeholders, including sponsors.
  3. Develop a sustainment plan that identifies the processes, measures, metrics, and tools necessary for management of benefits beyond the completion of the program in order to ensure the continued realization of intended benefits.
  4. Monitor the metrics (for example, by forecasting, analyzing variances, developing “what if” scenarios and simulations, and utilizing causal analysis) in order to take corrective actions in the program and maintain and/or potentially improve benefits realization.
  5. Verify that the close, transition, and integration of constituent projects and the program meet or exceed the benefit realization criteria in order to achieve program’s strategic objectives.
  6. Maintain a benefit register and record program progress in order to report the benefit to stakeholders via the communications plan.
  7. Analyze and update the benefits realization and sustainment plans for uncertainty, risk identification, risk mitigation, and risk opportunity in order to determine if corrective actions are necessary and communicate to stakeholders.
  8. Develop a transition plan to operations in order to guarantee sustainment of products and benefits delivered by the program.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Benefits Management, consider the following steps:

  1. Review the Domain 3 ‘Benefits Management’ section in the PgMP Examination Content Outline.
  2. Dive into Chapter 4, titled ‘Program Benefits Management,’ within the Standard for Program Management.
  3. Enhance your knowledge by purchasing any book focused on PfMP preparation and reading the chapter specifically dedicated to Benefits Management.
  4. Explore instructional videos on this topic:

5. Test your knowledge to complete the Benefits Management domain study.

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