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Using the online certification system to apply for your certifications is strongly recommended by PMI.

Before you begin, ensure you meet the certification eligibility criteria and can provide all necessary information for the application and watch the video:

Once you initiate an online application, remember that it can’t be canceled. However, you can save it as incomplete and return later to edit any previously entered data. The application will remain accessible for 90 days. During this period, PMI will send you a reminder email to finalize your application.

Additionally, the online certification system offers these features:

  • Review your submitted certification application
  • Check your eligibility status for the examination
  • Complete the PMI audit process
  • Download your exam report, showing pass/fail status
  • Apply and pay for any PMI exam or evaluation, including retakes
  • Submit payment for certification renewal
  • Access receipts
  • Manage your certification record and update contact details
  • View your listing on the Certification Registry

Guidelines for Recording Your Experience on the Application

Detailing Your Experience

Within the online application’s experience section, document your professional involvement in project and program management. Remember that this experience doesn’t have to be exclusively paid work; it should be within a professional context. School projects or personal event planning wouldn’t qualify. Each project and program should be listed individually, regardless of their number.

For program management experience, provide details about at least two associated projects for each program. These projects should share the same strategic goal and budget.

If you hold the PMP certification, you’ll need to enter your project details under a specific program. However, you aren’t required to input project experience separately, as the PMP experience fulfills this requirement.

Recording Months of Experience

Professional experience duration is calculated based on the start and end dates you input for:

  • Each program listed as part of your program management experience
  • Each project listed as part of your project management experience

Explaining Your Experience

To meet the professional program management experience requirement, you’ll need to describe your program’s strategic goals. Include the program objective, outcomes, your role, responsibilities, and deliverables.

For the professional project management experience requirement, detail the strategic goals of your projects. Provide information about the project objective, outcomes, your role, responsibilities, and deliverables.

Summarizing Program Management Experience

On the PgMP application, you’ll need to provide comprehensive descriptions of your professional program management experience in the Program Management Experience Summaries section. For each question under the five program management domains (defined in the PgMP Examination Content Outline), specify the program you are using as an example in your response. Aim for concise responses within approximately 500 words.

Tips for Completing the Experience Summaries

  • Your answers should be clear and concise and you should use proper English.
  • Consider using a word processing application to write/type out your responses and then copy and paste your experience summaries into your application.
  • Be sure to address all elements of the Option you select for each experience summary. For example, if the Experience Summary Option requires you to describe how you identified and evaluated risks, be sure to give examples of how you identified and evaluated the risks.
  • Responses that adequately address all elements of the experience summaries will likely be 200–350 words.
  • Program background information provided in the work experience section of your application will be provided to panel reviewers. You do not have to repeat the program description in your responses.
  • Please respond in the first person. We are interested in examples of your personal and individual contribution to the program.
    • Correct: I developed (or led the development of) the program governance model by…
    • Incorrect: The program team/We developed the program governance model by…
  • Do not describe program management activities performed by others. Again, we are interested in YOUR role.
    • Correct: I ensured the program maintained alignment with the organization’s objectives by…
    • Incorrect: The program sponsor ensured the program maintained alignment with the organization’s objectives by…
  • Describe how you applied program management practices; avoid theoretical responses.
  • Do not respond with “textbook” definitions of program management terms. Instead, provide specific examples from your personal experience as a program manager.
  • Re-read your responses before submission to ensure that they are correct and complete. If English is not your native language, ask ChatGPT to check the literacy of your application text.

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