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Oleksandra Domina, PMP

I really enjoyed the Knowledge Map, actually! I found it, I guess, by the recommendation on DOU, I started with small tests. It is very cool that there were situational questions, they were similar to those on the exam. By the way, it is very cool that there were situational questions, so it was easier to understand them.

Also, a very cool thing is a map of indicators, which is missing. I went through it several times in addition.

Before the real exam, I also watched all the videos recommended for the sections – very convenient.

I want to thanks very much for the structure – it was easy to transfer it to TodoIst and follow a clearly formed plan. It was very important for me to see the entire training plan and complete the tasks every day, so every dollar is justified here 🙂

I can say that the Knowledge Map is 40% of my success on the exam.