Viacheslav Riabykin, PMP

Exciting News!
I am thrilled to announce that I have successfully earned my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification! 🚀💼
This journey has been filled with challenges and learning opportunities, and I am proud to have achieved this important milestone in my career. 💪
The PMP certification has not only expanded my knowledge and skills in project management but has also validated my expertise in leading and managing projects effectively. I am excited to apply these newfound skills to drive successful outcomes and deliver value to my teams and stakeholders. 🌟
I want to express my gratitude to GlobalLogic, KnowledgeMap, Anatolii Savin, Anatolii Vintsyk for their excellent guidance and support throughout this process. 🙏
I am looking forward to leveraging my PMP certification to take on new challenges, collaborate with talented teams, and contribute to the success of future projects. Let’s connect and explore opportunities to work together! 🤝

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