Nataliia Shapran, PMP

I’m a leader for many people at work and in my personal life. With my dynamic work schedule, I concluded that I needed a leader to help me reach the goals I kept in my plan. I needed someone to help me keep my attention on preparing for my PMP certification.

I’m grateful to Anatolii Savin, who kept coaching people despite his service duties in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Anatoliy’s great experience and the system built by his Team KnowledgeMap are all I needed to prepare for the exam. Anatoliy helped me systematize the knowledge and understand PMI’s way of thinking while dealing with questions. I’ll even tell you more – it became entertaining when I fully understood all the preparation specifics. I’m excited to let you all know I’ve done it. I passed my PMP exam! It was a fantastic experience! Having someone who can help you stay focused and motivated when working towards a big goal like this is always great! Thank you, Anatolii Savin, it was fun! 🙂

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