6. Validate requirements through product delivery

Task 6 highlights the process of validating requirements through product delivery. Defining acceptance criteria and assessing project/product readiness based on a requirements traceability matrix or product backlog ensures that the delivered product meets stakeholder expectations.

The task ‘Validate requirements through product delivery’ includes the following enablers:

  • Define acceptance criteria (the action of defining changes based on the situation).
  • Determine if a project/product is ready for delivery based on a requirements traceability matrix/product backlog.

To learn the Task you need:

  1. Read:
    • Section 6.9 of Project Management Answer Book, 2nd Edition by Jeff Furman.
    • Sections,, and Chapter 7 (especially section of the PMI Guide to Business Analysis.
  2. Watch the playlist:

3. Test your knowledge to complete the task study.

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