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Program Governance is the performance domain that enables and performs program decision making, establishes practices to support the program, and maintains program oversight.

The Governance domain includes the following tasks:

  1. Develop program and project management standards and structure (governance, tools, finance, and reporting) using industry best practices and organizational standards in order to drive efficiency and consistency among projects and deliver program objectives.
  2. Select a governance model structure including policies, procedures, and standards that conforms program practices with the organization’s governance structure in order to deliver program objectives consistent with organizational governance requirements.
  3. Obtain authorization(s) and approval(s) through stage gate reviews by presenting the program status to governance authorities in order to proceed to the next phase of the program.
  4. Evaluate key performance indicators (for example, risks, financials, compliance, quality, safety, stakeholder satisfaction) in order to monitor benefits throughout the program life cycle.
  5. Develop and/or utilize the program management information system), and integrate different processes as needed, in order to manage program information and communicate status to stakeholders.
  6. Regularly evaluate new and existing risks that impact strategic objectives in order to present an updated risk management plan to the governance board for approval.
  7. Establish escalation policies and procedures in order to ensure risks are handled at the appropriate level.
  8. Develop and/or contribute to an information repository containing program-related lessons learned, processes, and documentation contributions in order to support organizational best practices.
  9. Identify and apply lessons learned in order to support and influence existing and future program or organizational improvement.
  10. Monitor the business environment, program functionality requirements, and benefits realization in order to ensure the program remains aligned with strategic objectives.
  11. Develop and support the program integration management plan in order to ensure operational alignment with program strategic objectives.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Program Governance, consider the following steps:

  1. Review the Domain 5 ‘Governance’ section in the PgMP Examination Content Outline.
  2. Dive into Chapter 6, titled ‘Program Governance,’ within the Standard for Program Management.
  3. Enhance your knowledge by purchasing any book focused on PfMP preparation and reading the chapter specifically dedicated to Governance.
  4. Explore instructional videos on this topic:

5. Test your knowledge to complete the Governance domain study.

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