Review the PgMP Handbook

This handbook offers guidance on how to apply for the widely recognized and highly esteemed PgMP certification.

PMI mandates that all PgMP certification candidates thoroughly read this entire handbook. The purpose of this handbook is to furnish you with crucial information about the policies and procedures for obtaining and upholding the PgMP certification.

The features in this handbook allow you to:

  • Find information on each policy or procedure by clicking on a topic in the left navigation bar.
  • Find tips and important information by reading NOTES throughout the handbook.
  • Access the online application system by clicking on links within this handbook.

You can download your free copy of the PgMP Handbook via the link – PgMP-Handbook.pdf. In case the link is not functioning, you can locate the PgMP Handbook on the PMI website –

Additionally, watch the video:

Support your peers in achieving the PgMP certification!

Feel free to share your suggestions below if you have a better method for accessing, reading, and comprehending the PgMP Handbook.

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