PMP Exam Preparation Mentoring


The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.

Our mentoring will guide you through the whole process of preparation.

An access to all the necessary exams from the Knowledge Map is included in the price.



PMP Exam Preparation Program

Join our program

  1. Register into the system.
  2. Take a preliminary test for the initial knowledge assessment (refer to Knowledge Map #1).
  3. Receive an individual program.
  4. Get acquainted with a basic list of the literature and other learning materials.

Preparation for certification

  1. Study of the preliminary literature and materials.
  2. Passing online tests on the PMBOK Knowledge Areas (minimum score – 70%)
  3. Identifying gaps in Knowledge Areas (refer to Knowledge Map #2).
  4. Providing additional materials and recommendations.
  5. Study additional materials.
  6. Passing online tests on the PMBOK Process Groups (minimum score – 80%).
  7. Definition of the ’25 most complex questions’ list with a detailed analysis of each question (refer to the Knowledge Map #3).
  8. Study of complex questions.
  9. Passing the online PMP Mock Exam (minimum score – 80%).
  10. Recommendations, advice, preparation life-hacks.

PMP Credential Process

  1. Registration on the PMI website.
  2. Applying months of experience and hours of training.
  3. Filling the Application List.
  4. Payment for the PMP exam (US$555, paid directly to PMI, not included in the preparation price).
  5. Scheduling the exam date.

Passing the PMP exam in the Pearson VUE center

Total cost

Cost of preparation Duration of preparation Subsequent months
US$800 4 months
(16 lessons 1 hour each)
(4 lessons 1 hour each)


  • The cost of preparation is a fee for connecting to the system, preliminary assessment of the knowledge, the development of an individual program, the execution of the individual program, assistance with Application, for providing training materials and information, regular testing and assessment of the knowledge, assistance with questions.
  • Duration of preparation is a recommended duration of preparation (from-to).
  • Subsequent months are the payments for consultations after the planned time (in case of your hesitation).