PMP Exam Preparation Mentoring


The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.

Embark on a transformative journey with our PMP Exam Preparation Mentoring program, meticulously designed to align with the PMP Examination Content Outline. This comprehensive program encompasses 34 targeted lectures and praxis sessions, supplemented by an essential onboarding session and a motivational pep talk before your exam. With each session lasting an hour, our program meticulously prepares you for the PMP certification, fulfilling the PMI’s 35-hour project management education requirement. From initial registration to the final pep talk, our program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in your PMP exam and advance your career in project management.

All the necessary exams from the Knowledge Map are included in the price.





PMP Exam Preparation Mentoring Program

Pre-Onboarding Requirements

  1. Registration: Sign up in the Knowledge Map system.
  2. Preliminary Test: Complete an initial knowledge assessment test.

Free Onboarding Session (1 hour)

  1. Introduction to Knowledge Map: Overview of the user journey and experience.
  2. Mentorship & Learning License: Connection with a mentor and receipt of the learning license.
  3. Knowledge Gaps Identification: Assessment of gaps in PMP ECO domains and tasks.
  4. Preparation Schedule: Receipt of an individual preparation schedule.
  5. Community Engagement: Connection to common chat for discussions and support.
  6. Resources: Introduction to a basic list of literature and other learning materials.

Lecture & Praxis Cycles

  1. 17 Lectures (1 hour each): Focus on the most challenging PMI ECO tasks, tailored based on the preliminary test and ongoing progress.
  2. First Praxis (PMP Credential Process):
    • Registration on PMI website.
    • Application preparation, including months of experience and hours of training.
    • Payment of the exam fee (US$555; paid directly to PMI, not included in the preparation price).
    • Scheduling the exam date.

Note: The mentor guides you through the essential steps needed for your PMP credential application. This includes registration on the PMI website, reviewing your application, payment of the PMP exam fee, and scheduling your exam date. If any aspect of this process remains incomplete during the practice session, the mentor will continue to work through any outstanding items in dedicated chat support. This ensures that every participant is fully prepared and confident in completing their credential process seamlessly.

  1. 16 Subsequent Praxes (1 hour each): Target the most challenging tasks and frequently missed questions, with additional materials and recommendations provided.
  2. Final Praxis (Pep Talk; 1 hour):
    • Mental preparation for the certification exam.
    • Final recommendations and advice.

Note: Successful candidates achieve a certificate verifying 35 hours of project management education.

Completion and Certification

  • PMP Exam: Participants take the exam at a Pearson VUE center.
  • Certification: Successful candidates achieve PMP certification.

Note: Our PMP Exam Preparation Mentoring Program acknowledges the challenges and pressures of passing the PMP exam. We understand that not everyone will pass on their first attempt. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be discouraged. Our dedicated mentors are committed to your success and will offer additional preparation for your second and third attempts at no extra cost. This support ensures you have the best possible preparation and guidance to achieve your PMP certification, emphasizing our commitment to your long-term success.

Total cost

Cost of Preparation Duration of Preparation Subsequent Months
1000€ 4 months (35 hours):
17 theory lessons (1 hour each),
18 praxes (1 hour each).
(4 praxes 1 hour each)


  • Cost of Preparation includes fees for system connection, preliminary knowledge assessment, development and execution of an individual program, assistance with the application process, provision of training materials and information, regular testing and knowledge assessment, and support for inquiries.
  • Duration of Preparation indicates the recommended range of preparation time (from-to).
  • Subsequent Months refer to mentoring fees after the anticipated duration, applicable in cases of participant procrastination.